Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 3 - BTWG "Habit not Hunger"

Ha! my morning workout regime came to a grinding halt today - just toooo tired to get up at 6am again. (Probably the lack of food the day before!) Had a very relaxed time all morning - things just seemed to flow so much better today now I'm more organised and not worrying about what and when to eat.

I had a major revelation on the food front: I am very rarely hungry and when I do eat I normally eat until I'm uncomfortable.
I have really been paying close attention to this, this week, and it's been a real surprise how habit rules my eating not hunger! Today I made a conscious effort to eat until truly satisfied which led to me snacking through the day rather than having 2 large meals a day!

I knew I had my work out still to do so left work at reasonable hour. It really seemed extra hard tonight but I have found the chi running book to be fantastic. Now I run without music and just listen to what my body is telling me - I'm finding it easier to make adjustments as I run to reduce the tension in my body. I'm still as slow as a slug though. but no discomfort which is great!

I'm really tired tonight so early to bed for me - just hope I can make it through the week ; )

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