Sunday, December 26, 2010

The year is nearly over!

The year is nearly over and I'm still here! I finished the Indy mini in 2:39 and found the last 3.1 miles really tough! Lots of walking but was so glad to finish!!
I recently moved to San Diego and finding good running weather has been so easy ; )
I have joined an informal running group that meets up twice a week and have made friends with some great people! Really loving running at the moment but finding it difficult to fit everything in: crossfit, running, yoga and spinning! No time left for golf!!
I also ran the Silver Strand half but started having a minor asthma attack at mile 4 and had to sit down for 10 minutes at mile 7! The time was 2:42 which was a surprise but I have no intention of running that course again!! The next one is Carlsbad on the 23rd January then another in Miami on the 30th! That one will be just for fun as it's so soon after Carlsbad! I'll be meeting up with friends in Miami and we'll be staying on the Keys for most of the trip! Looking forward to getting away!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mini Marathon here I come!!

Wow it has been forever since I wrote on my blog and the mini is here already!! I ran 10 miles on the 29th Nov - started cross fit in December and now 5 months later the mini is upon us and it's time to run 13.1 miles.
My stamina has improved no end and I'm feeling good although about nervous about the big day. The most important thing is to enjoy the race and I'm ready to have some fun!!! Wish me luck !!

COUNTDOWN: 5 Days to OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini Marathon

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Feeling the vibe with my Vibram 5s

So I finally received my Vibram 5 Fingers in the post in the new year after a too long wait. I've already worn them to crossfit, walked the dogs in them and been out for two runs and they'e fab!! I thought it would take a while to get used to them but it hasn't taken very long at all! In fact it feels a lot less stressful on my knees running in them especially when I hit uneven ground. SOOOO they look kind of odd but they feel great. I have started to notice my calves are geting a good work out!!! so will need to keep more relaxed but other than that all is great.

Was out with the GODDESSes today running the Monon around Broadripple and it felt good to be out albeit cold. I think in about a month I shall be back in my stride with my new footwear and able to start pushing myself a bit further - I wish I'd started running in these months ago!!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 1 - 2010

Back again having survived 2009 and ready to face 2010 with some vigour - today started very slowly but finished "energetically". As CrossFit has become a new part of my exercise regime I decided that a 'quick' session tonight would be "just the ticket" or maybe just a moment of sheer, unadulterated madness. Let's just say it all started with some new gizmo fondly know as an iPod touch that has useful downloadable software called Apps (applications)! Well today I discovered a CrossFit App that gives you a WOD each day!! Today was a routine from the one of "girls" aka "byatches" - Cindy: complete as many reps of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups and 15 squats in 20 mins!!! Hmmm I managed 15 assisted including stopping part way to check the timer was still working - absolutely killer - and Cindy is one of the kinder ones!!!! There are about 15 old "byatches" and 5 new wannabe "byatches" but I have to say Angie is the queen "byatch". Let's just say I'll be "otherwise engaged" when Chris posts that one as the WOD!! In the mean time if anyone has any spare triceps, biceps, lats or quads going spare I could do with some that work!
Thanks ...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 83 BTWG "Here today ... gone tomorrow!"

And so the final day has come and gone and as I sit and reflect on 12 weeks gone by and the journey ahead I'm amazed at how much I have learnt in such a short space of time that will stay with me:
  • Understanding that the choices I make can have a profoundly positive impact on my well being if I stay focused on my outcomes and enjoy the journey.
  • The ability to very quickly count calories without it being the chore I've always thought it would be.
  • Enjoying running in 33 deg F - what's that about!
  • Enjoying running at all!!
  • Enjoying and needing breakfast.
  • Needing more than 4 hours sleep a night!
  • Learning and enjoying making nutritious meals more than once a week!
  • Realising small dogs don't make great running partners : ((
  • Realising small dogs make great yoga buddies : )
  • Wondering how to get everything done with only 24 hours in a day!
  • Enjoying getting up at 7:30 on a cold Sunday morning to run with the GODDESSES.
  • Seeing my first coyotes!
  • Running 10 miles because I can!
  • Completing 3 races!
  • Getting joy from wearing "once too small" clothes.
  • Getting joy from giving away "now too big" clothes.
  • Running faster - feeling fitter!
  • Meeting new people!
  • Making new friends!
  • Ready for BTWG part II "going it alone".

And so if you've experienced your own journey and can reflect with some joy, look forward to what lies ahead with greater confidence. For all those excuses you had today must surely be gone tomorrow!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 74 BTWG "Troughing, flying and water retention..."

Wow how did I get here so soon with only a week and half left 'til the BTWG program finishes!

Last week I was sent off on an urgent project to San Fran. I made sure I packed a yoga mat, resistance bands, a Pilates ball, running gear determined to make good use of that hotel time. I got one run in and a yoga session but was pretty pissed at the lack of free time available. Couple that with "optional" meals out as a "team"and you get too many opportunities to fall off the wagon! Complete nightmare but I still tried to be as mindful as possible though wholly successful. By Sunday afternoon, when we returned on the red eye I was fed up, bloated and exhausted. Stupidly (or not as the case may be), I had the brilliant idea of weighing myself as soon as I got home - hmmmm - the extra 8lbs I had gained nearly knocked me out - @*^!?? Drastic action called for - I made a careful exercise and nutrition plan then ... errr ... went to bed!! Hey! I just said I came in on the red eye!!!!

Well this week I have had all day off-site meetings followed by "optional" dinners out with the senior management but I stuck rigidly to my nutrition plan. I was chatting with a friend who is pretty clued up when it comes to exercise / nutrition etc (well he used to be before he gained 20lbs, a wife, 4 kids and a dog) and he explained that my weight gain was temporary - just a combo of "troughing", flying, water retention!!!" I was bound to gain some weight. I weighed myself again just to check the theory and was pleased to see that 6 of the 8lbs had disappeared - hoorah!!

What an amazing journey and what a huge difference to the way I live my laugh. Tonight I had dinner with a girlfriend I have known since I have been in Indy and tonight she said "Vanessa you're just too exhausting these days with all this crazy energy you have I can't keep up you're just go, go, go!!" It made me laugh when I thought about the first time I met crazy Kelly - I think I'm morphing into another crazy graduate. Well to be fair I had just had my first X Fit class with Chris which is certainly enough to get you buzzing with energy. Another friend of mine proudly proclaimed that my BTWG life change had prompted her to sign up to one whole year of fitness coaching!! A year - wow!!

I think the BTWG program has made such a huge difference to my approach to food, exercise and well being. I'm at that stage of looking for my next opportunity to squeeze a work out in and feeling guilty when I indulge unnecessarily but brushing it off and focusing on the next day. I really focus on my food choices when eating out and happily ask for modifications to cut the fat out. Sometimes I feel like Sally from the movie "When Harry Met Sally" as she is very precise when she orders food modifying pretty much everything and the great thing is it's so easy to do that here in the US without the fear of the European reprisal!!

Saturday I have another race - the Jingle Bell Run and an afternoon of Harry Potter and girlie chit chat. Then there will be one week left to drop the extra 6lbs I'm carrying - eeek!! Do you think chopping off an arm is too drastic????

Sayonara ...

COUNTDOWN: 148 Days to OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini Marathon

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 63 BTWG "10 miles down, 3.1 to go!"

Today for my endurance run I decided I would try and run 10 miles on the Monon Trail with the option to walk if it became too much. I left the house with a protein bar in my pocket and a water belt and began my warm up walk to the 10th street entrance of the Monon. The run started well but the rain was determined to fall and I was not prepared - but I had decided I wasn't going to let this stop me. The first 2.5 miles were undoubtedly the hardest. I think just knowing I had a long journey ahead of me made it that much harder to get moving! I started very slowly knowing I would need to conserve some energy for the latter part of the run.

Somewhere around mile 3 it suddenly became much easier - everything just seemed to start falling into place and I had to think less about what my body was doing and more on keeping a steady pace. It was pretty cold and grey out and I only saw 2 other runners but there were plenty of cyclists out, wrapped up against the cold breeze that had started to blow following the rain, and so many overweight squirrels that would probably have fared well from a jog or two themselves. By the 38th street bridge I realised that I would manage 7 miles no problem and if I could just get to 56th street, my turning point, then maybe the ten miles would also be achievable. The whole run I kept looking for things to focus on in the distance and as soon as I reached them I found the next tree, lamp post, mile marker, building to run to. This pretty much seemed to keep me going. Every so often I would have to adjust my running gait as I got more tired and lazy so that kept me present - no opportunity for the mind to wander too far.

At 56th street near the small park I made my turn and began the 5 mile journey back to the start of the trail. The wind had picked and not in my favour : (( I managed to pick up the pace to try and compensate - which surprised me but I was still feeling pretty strong. The rain really started to come down and I was finding it increasingly difficult to see, luckily navigation isn't an issue on this trail.

Somewhere between 28th and 25th streets I saw what looked like 3 dogs cross the trail and head into some shrub land in front of me and something told me all was not right. These 'dogs' looked odd, stray, like a cross between foxes and wolves. Coyote? Downtown? Hmm I wasn't convinced but something told me to keep an eye on them. I slowed as I passed them - watching them as they watched me from the shrub - and as soon as I was passed them I picked up the pace not looking back but really wondering - "could there be coyote this far down town?" Not knowing anything about them and as it was starting to get darker and colder, I just kept on going. They could have been stray dogs?? Hmm I'll never know.

The last stretch - I knew I'd finish - and my legs kept moving faster and faster! I was getting really cold and hungry! I was already wet from the rain and the temperature felt like it had dropped 10 degrees from when I left home : (( But the end was in sight - and I was watching the clock every 10th of that last mile - desperate to be able to stop! My watch gave me that 10 mile alert and the sense of relief was immense. I kept on walking - my warm down walk home. Something was hurting but I couldn't work out what it was. It was like everything below my waist was one and pinpointing pain wouldn't be possible without poking and prodding every muscle and joint. I polished off the protein bar and the remaining water and made it home in record time.

I opened the door to 2 furry faces wondering where I'd been and where dinner was??? No clock needed in their world!! I bent down to unlace my trainers and ouch!!! I found the pain!! My hamstrings were tight and angry and bending wasn't an option without some serious stretching. I managed to drag myself upstairs and into a too hot shower to try and warm up then spent half an hour stretching and using my foam roller to ease off any muscle tension. Finally with hands touching feet again we all ate and crashed out!

Wow what an afternoon. 10 miles! Mini marathon here I come! It really surprises me that I'm running at all. 15 years ago after a rugby accident I was told running wasn't an option! It's amazing what you can accomplish if you're determined!