Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 1 - BTWG "Tomorrow will be better!"

So today I started the program officially and had a so so day failing miserably on food - but strangely enough because I ate the wrong foods but because I didn't eat enough food!! I can hardly believe it - I always considered myself a real foodie but may be not.

I managed to get through my intervals this morning even if my warm down ended up being a very slow crawl back home - how hard was that!! I was so late getting my act together I ran out of time for breakfast and had to rush off to work.

Lunch was fine - I had a healthy - ish stir fry but was horrified by the calorie of the oil and sauce that came with it - hmm will have to have one or the other in the future. Before I knew it it was 7pm and I was still at work trying to get through my backlog from my trip home.
I eventually arrived home around 9 pm - too late and tired to think about making something to eat so ended having a protein drink for 'dinner', completed my logs and then carried on working through work emails in prep for tomorrow. No fun! Tomorrow will be better - just didn't plan well at all!

I'm determined to get through this but it has been surprising how the nutritional part of the program has proved the most challenging today. And so to bed ...

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