Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 2 - BTWG "It's all about the prep"

Today I completed my morning work out - this is proving a challenge when bed is one of my most favourite places to be! The skipping was a nightmare - I think that activity alone could have taken me all morning. The combination of bad knees and low ceilings didn't help - so I had to abandon ship on that exercise or be unable to walk for a few hours. I'm determined to manage a few more skips next time until I can get to the target. The rest of the work out was pretty rock in places but I could definitely feel the effects.
Took the dogs for a walk afterwards, then got ready for work, made a protein drink to take to the office and I was set for the day! Or so I thought...

Hmm today was pretty much the same story - I can't believe how undisciplined I am with food and my schedule! I arrived late from work again today which led to 'nil by mouth' for dinner. I wasn't remotely hungry. Decided I couldn't be "out for a duck" so spent the rest of the evening making a large veggie chili for which I carefully logged all the ingredients. When finished, I divided it into 8 servings and put all bar one in the freezer. Feeling very pleased with my progress I set about making a salad for lunch tomorrow.
Tired and achy I went to bed after some de-stressing. Tomorrow will definitely be a better day - late working or not!

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