Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wow what an eye opener!!!

Today I had my initial fitness test with Chris (as I shall be away when everyone else has theirs), had my hair done and went shopping for books. I bought Chi Running by Danny Dreyer, of which I have yet to browse through; a new journal to keep track of everything; and a book called The food, Beverage and Supplement lists from Eat Right for Your Type by Dr Peter J D'Adamo. What a major revelation. In essence the philosophy focuses on the principles and strategies of something called the blood type diet. It's believed that there is a strong connection to blood type and diet and eating certain foods mismatched to your blood type can have a damaging effect where the same foods for another blood type may be beneficial. Well I have just spent the last hour thumbing through my abridged version of the book and about 40% of the food I love is on the AVOID list. Wow it would explain why I feel crap most of the time. I need to get the unabridged book that has Dr D's complete research. Can't wait to try this out starting .... well .... NOW!

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