Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 4 - BTWG "Can't wait for the weekend!"

Had a great work out today - even though the skipping is still posing a problem - I managed to do a few more this time. The sets are getting easier to remember so much faster today. I even had time to make a protein shake and take the dogs on a decent walk all before going to work.

It was another busy day at work but managed to eat well. I'm really starting to get my head around what I am eating - I just need to come up with more alternatives so I don't get bored.

Now I'm at home with more work to do and feeling too tired to continue. Off to meditate methinks and then bed - can't wait for the weekend. I think I shall make Friday my rest day and go for my long run on Saturday morning. I'm already half way through the first week ; ))

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