Monday, September 14, 2009

Morning madness ...

This morning I was awoken by one of my dogs who was feeling less than well. After some immediate care I decide that going back to bed wasn't an option so ... I went for a run instead! Wow - this was really foreign. I'm used to falling out of bed, into the shower, dog walk and feed then work. The days of doing some physically activity are way behind me - or not - as this morning proved to be an active one.

After 'faffing around' for half an hour looking for sock, iPod, shoes, key, other sock, head band, iPod then sock again, I eventually ventured out into a very dark and quiet morning. Then after putting one foot in front of the other I found myself on Ohio Street running towards Meridian without a second thought. Up Meridian to North Street then east back home. A short run but actually quite enjoyable. Felt pretty good all morning then was hit by a proverbial truck around 2pm. Hmm - this will take some getting used to ...

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