Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pain and Some Gain!

Yesterday I ran my first 5K! I have been running for a couple of months now and am as slow as a slug! Yesterday I made a major advancement - now I am as slow as a slug on a rainy day! I'm planning to run a mini marathon next year - eeek I need help quick!

Music seems to be playing a key role in my running so at some point I shall have to get used to running without it! I'm hoping that once I understand how to pace myself I will eventually be able to manage without the samba beats or some other rhythmic selection from my iPod.

I'm still sore from running yesterday and then playing golf at Plum Creek but today was glorious: a long lie in followed by a deep tissue massage then brunch at Patachoux and a short walk on the Monon. Le soleil brille all day ; )

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