Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 25 - BTWG "Week 4 blues!"

Not sure I dig this whole week 4 thing. The slob in me is rejoicing! It has also coincided with a rough week at work - I think I have averaged 4 hours sleep a night this week so far!

Dreading getting on the scales on Sunday : (

I was really looking forward to a run tonight and had to go out quite late as I didn't manage to get out of the office until 7:30 - still it was enjoyable. I keep practicing chi running and I find I have to concentrate on what I'm doing as it's so easy to lapse back into the old running style as I get tired. I'm finally starting to understand the concept of taking smaller steps as I run - not very intuitive but once you get into your stride (or not in this case), it becomes easier. Great evening for running too.

I'm getting better organised with food these days - that's becoming much easier. I have my morning 'grab lunch' routine and oftentimes I make a salad the night before to take into work but my lunch bag seems to be getting bigger and bigger each week as I find I have to eat smaller more frequent meals / snacks. I'm turning into a grazer!

Right now the clock says Day 26 has already begun, the dogs are asleep, the dishwasher's humming, it's peaceful outside and I still have about 3 hours of work to do!!! Hmm think the duvet wins tonight.

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