Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 35 - BTWG "Hindu GODDESS Face Plant"

Wow can't believe it has been sooo long since my last blog - slacking methinks. Have been a bit ill this week - stomach? problems I think - but hoping a visit to the docs next week will fix that. In fact I'm also going to see a Chiropractor next week too - not looking forward to that at all but having problems with my neck - I think bit by bit I'm slowly falling apart!!

However I triumphed on Thursday with 7 mile run which felt good. I ran to the canal, twice around then back home. I was only expecting to complete 4 miles but felt so good at 3.5 I thought I'd just keep on slogging. The canal is an interesting place at 7 in the morning - just a few other joggers and ducks to keep you company but strangely peaceful! The oddest thing was running by street light and finishing by daylight. Never thought I would ever manage to run that far so feeling a lot more confident about running a mini next year.

Had another great GODDESS "Girls Out Doing Damn Exercise Successive Sundays" run this morning. Although I was a tad late I managed to catch up with two other goddesses floating through the White River Park. I'm really staring to enjoy this whole "running in the morning" thing - especially when you have fellow die hards to join in the fun.

I decided the dogs deserved a special treat so went to Eagle Creek for a 3.5 mile hike after lunch. And judging by the fact that they haven't moved since having dinner I would say they are completely tuckered out.

I even managed to squeeze a strength work out this evening - wow it's pretty hard but thankfully short - who on earth came up with the "Hindu push up" - I think "Hindu face plant" is far more appropriate - will seriously have to practice that one more often!!

Well enough rambling - to bed me thinks.

COUNTDOWN: 187 Days to OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini Marathon

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