Sunday, December 26, 2010

The year is nearly over!

The year is nearly over and I'm still here! I finished the Indy mini in 2:39 and found the last 3.1 miles really tough! Lots of walking but was so glad to finish!!
I recently moved to San Diego and finding good running weather has been so easy ; )
I have joined an informal running group that meets up twice a week and have made friends with some great people! Really loving running at the moment but finding it difficult to fit everything in: crossfit, running, yoga and spinning! No time left for golf!!
I also ran the Silver Strand half but started having a minor asthma attack at mile 4 and had to sit down for 10 minutes at mile 7! The time was 2:42 which was a surprise but I have no intention of running that course again!! The next one is Carlsbad on the 23rd January then another in Miami on the 30th! That one will be just for fun as it's so soon after Carlsbad! I'll be meeting up with friends in Miami and we'll be staying on the Keys for most of the trip! Looking forward to getting away!!

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